Some ideas for sexy t-shirts

  2. Platinum, some random-looking shape built from pieces of Apple Platinum. Pixelly good.
  3. Audio, some pretty visualisation of a favourite song or sound. Need to find out what pretty visualisations can be easily generated. Ideas include:
    • Echoes, Pink Floyd
    • Mogwai Fear Satan, Mogwai
    • The two bar intro to the Final Fantasy battle music.
    • The Macintosh startup sound
    • "I love you"
    • Fitter Happier, Radiohead
    • The Mario 1-Up sound
    • The Zelda 'you found a secret' sound
    • Any quote from HAL, in 2001
    • The notes from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  4. X11, the standard cross cursor in front of the standard stippled background. Since we can't extend the stippled background indefinitely, we'll have to fade it out toward the edges - perhaps an oval alpha gradient, dithered to black-and-white.
  5. The Young And The Headless
changed October 26, 2009